It's Free! Our commitment goes beyond words.

We are proud to offer completely free consultation services from the moment you decide to explore international education until your successful university registration.

First Step Towards Global Education Excellence

Let us guide you towards a world of educational opportunities and personal growth. Your global education adventure begins with Alter Education, With our expertise and dedication, we make the process of studying abroad a seamless and enriching experience.

Why Choose Alter Education?

Our team of experienced professionals understands the intricacies of the Turkish education system, admission procedures, and cultural nuances. We offer personalized guidance and support, from selecting the right university and program to assisting with visa applications and ensuring a smooth transition to life in Turkey.
One Step Ahead
At Alter Education, we empower students to stay one ahead in their academic career pursuits, ensuring a competitive edge in today's global landscape.
Launch Your Career
Our holistic approach ensures your success beyond graduation, setting you on a path to a thriving international career.
Our Team
Our team of experienced professionals is here to guide
international students in their pursuit of education.
We Keep Our Promises

You Ask, We Help

At Alter Education, we keep our promises and provide realistic guidance. We don't
sell dreams; we make them achievable realities.

Step By StepAlter Services

Consultation is about planning, we’re here to guide you through the whole
process step-by-step.

PlanningOur Approach

From start to finish we plan and analyze every stage. We listen to thestudent's needs and offer a wide range of options

Proof, not promisesAlter Results

At Alter Education, we deliver results by securing admissions to the best universities for our students.
Let Us Do the Work For You

Focus On
Your Activities

At Alter Education, we handle the hard work of finding the best universities and securing admissions, so you can relax and fully enjoy your valuable time as a student.
A Better Tomorrow

Passion In Consultancy

At Alter Education, our passion for student consulting drives our dedication to your success.
It’s Free
We take pride in providing entirely free consultation services,starting from your initial exploration of international education right through to your successful university enrollment
Turkey boasts numerous universities renowned for their quality education. Explore boundless opportunities with us!
With 24/7 support and the highest level of care, Alter ensures you're in
capable hands.
You Are Special
Your aspirations take center stage, and our mission is to ensure your educational journey is both accessible and stress-free.
Best Choice
Regardless of the circumstances, our
professional team is committed to consistently offering you the finest opportunities.
Our dedicated professionals will accompany you throughout your journey, offering the highest level of care and open communication.
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You’re In Good Company

The experts at Alter Edu guided me through the university registration process, and my experience was truly exceptional.



Save Money

Why spend thousands of dollars on other agencies when Alter offers completely free services?

Don't Get Tired

Don't exhaust yourself searching for the university that best suits your needs. We're here to help, and we know it inside out.

Future Plans

Your choice of university profoundly impacts your career, and we are here to provide insights on which universities will best serve your long-term goals.

Enjoy Success

Registration is just the beginning; with our unwavering support, the rest of the journey is all about savoring success.
Alter Proposal

A Callback

If you’d like to talk to our consulting team, contact us via the form and we’ll get back to you shortly. Also, you can contact us directly through WhatsApp. And don't forget; from acceptance to registration, everything is completely free!

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